Saturday, January 5, 2008

I misS my camera!!!

my favorite 'mistake' : the chawan mushi (steamed egg)

That's poor ol' Nikon isn't functioning that well anymore (its lens only opens half way, so when u wanna take a pic, half of the pic is in complete darkness). The shop people told me that it'll take up to 3 months to get the camera fixed. 3 whole months!! And my graduation ceremony is just a few weeks away. Darn..I gotta get someone who's generous enough to lend me his/her camera...and fast!!

Friday night me and gatal had jap food at yoshimi's (the one at warisan square) before catching up the national treasure movie. The menu was alrite, but the sushi section was quite limited (and no sushi train available!). However, the atmosphere of the restaurant was nice and cosy, not too bright and not too cold. It's nearly a month since I had the dreadful chicken pox, but Mum was still strict on my selection of food. No eggs, soya sauce, beef, squid, prawns and mangoes. Since jap food consist most of these ingredients (and are the yummiest!), I really had a hard time deciding on which bento set to choose from. Finally, I picked the salmon set, which was the safest dish of them all, and also other dishes. I was so happy indulging in my favorite food when gatal asked me a question which stopped me in my tracks.

"Hey, u think how do they cook the steamed egg? So sedap lah."

"Easy lah. Just steam it. I'm thinking of trying to cook it at home also...OH NO!!" I glanced down at the little spoon clutched in my right hand, and then peered into the little cup that contained the food that I was eating. It's almost half cup gone.

"Girl!!! Why didn't u tell me that I ordered the steamed egg too?! You were supposed to stop me!!" I screeched.

"Aiya..just eat it lah, since you ate the whole thing already. No big deal," gatal responded calmly.

So I ate what's remained, but I gave the itty-bitty prawn bits for gatal to consume.

Shhh...don't tell Mum.