Thursday, January 24, 2008

jay choW...wo xi huaN!!!

He’s coming to Malaysia next month 23rd…arghh I wanna go!!!

Not that I’ve never been to his concert…well, just once. And guess what? I went ALONE. Yup, it was the time when SARS was big news (and spreading like fire), and no one wants to go out. Even die-hard Jay Chow fan friends of mine couldn’t be persuaded to go along with me. The situation was that serious. That was back in 2003, 2004? I was like, “Peduli…!” and borrowed my friend’s mum’s credit card to purchase the concert ticket at TGV. On the day of the long-awaited event, I took the LRT and switched dunno how many trains to get to bukit jalil, where the concert was held. When I got there, few hours before the concert was due to start, I was surprised to see that the place was practically empty. Where are the die-hard fans like me? Where’s the screaming and big crowds and little food stalls? I sat down on a bench and occasionally looked around, hoping for a noisy crowd to form. 15 minutes later, when nothing happened, I decided to walked around the stadium to make sure I was at the right place. That’s when I saw a white banner hanging from the gates located at one side of the stadium.

It read, “Jay Chow concert moved to stadium merdeka…” WHAT?!! How come I didn’t know about this?! I must’ve missed the papers. Without waiting any second, I memorized the instructions on the banner on how to get to the next stadium and sped off to catch the train. However, when I got to the train station listed on the banner, I had another problem – which was locating the stadium itself. I’ve never been to this stadium before, and I was at a loss of what to do. But not for long, as I noticed groups of Chinese teenagers and young adults walking towards the same direction. Ha! They must be going to the concert too, and I was right. 10 minutes later, the stadium loomed in front of me…and there was the big, noisy crowd and numerous stalls selling food and Jay Chow merchandise. Luckily, everyone was on their best behaviour (even though we had to wait for an hour and a half standing outside), there were no fights whatsoever, and I managed to get into the stadium safely and got a seat which overlooked the whole stadium (It was the cheapest seating area, but u get the whole view from top! All u need is binoculars). Needless to say, I had the best night of my life. Jay himself was superb, and his performance fabulous, especially when he played the transparent grand piano, that was magical. I even called up my bestie, Suki, to let her listen to Jay singing her fave song ‘live’.

I got home an hour after midnight. When I came to think about it, I guess I was pretty daring. A little girl going alone to a night concert by train and coming back by taxi at midnight? In KL some more.

Anything for u, Jay!!

I wanna go to his concert next month!! Arghhh…

If you readers are interested, it’s on 23rd Feb at stadium merdeka, 8pm.

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