Monday, November 5, 2007

tHat sHip!

Do you ever have those childhood memories whereby you still clearly remember some of the itty-bitty parts but have a vague impression on where was it being held and when? Well, I had lots and one of them was little me standing in a large ship at night and surrounded by hundreds of books. Few weeks ago, I was driving along the highway from Sembulan to Donggongon when I saw a big billboard with a picture of an enormous ship with the caption ‘the world’s largest floating book fair’. Just by one glance triggered that memory of me being in that huge ship. As a self-proclaimed bookworm (and proud of it!), I nagged my mum, my guy, and my aunt in accompanying me to pay the ship a visit. In the end, my aunt and my guy & co. willingly volunteered (hehe thanks guys!). Just for some info, MV Doulos (the ship’s name) was built in 1914 just 2 years after the Titanic and claimed to be the world’s largest floating bookshop with over 8000 titles (whoa! That’s a LOT). There are over 350 volunteers on the ship from around 50 different nations (that’s one heavily multi-racial vessel!).

When we reached there, I was so glad I didn’t go alone and mum didn’t come along ‘cos (i) to find a parking space was practically impossible (unless you are willing to park 10 miles away from the destination), and (ii) the vast amount of visitors (even old grannies!) made the queues long and winding (‘cos there’s a limit on how many people can be onboard) and I just simply can’t imagine mum waiting in line under the hot, searing sun.

When we finally got our turn to get on the ship, I was expecting air-conditioning for some refreshing. Unfortunately, this was not the case in the books area. Imagine hundreds of sweaty people trapped in a small area meant for less than a hundred. Eww, I felt like being in a sardine can! Anyway, the good point was that I’m surrounded by BOOKS! But after a while, I discovered that majority were of books on spirituality, and others consisted of kiddies’ books, cookbooks, books of hobbies and interests, and very little on the business side. Sadly, there were no chic lits to be found ( I know, I know, I’m a sucker for modern romances with witty sentences). My aunt got some books for our little cousins and some colorful cookbooks for herself, and I got myself one (about CVs, that is. The only interesting book I would buy!) and a motivational book from a spiritual perspective for mum (I’m gonna read that one too!). The cookbooks were really cheap (it’s double the price in bookstores) but I’m like, ‘You can always get free recipes from the Net’. I was grateful when the weather had changed to cloudy when we left the ship and stopped by at a coffee shop to quench our thirsts before heading back home.

That night, Dad suggested that we eat out for dinner and Mum chose the Indian restaurant, Chettinad Anjappar, at Asia City (the one with tusks deco at the entrance, facing Api2). We had dinner there twice before and agreed that the place is worth going back. The food that they served is really rich in taste, which I think is the REAL Indian cuisine. We had thosai ‘tissue’ (must-try!), lamb masala, butter chicken, veggies, and tomato soup. One cute thing about the restaurant is that the food is served in small portions but is actually very filling (due to the pekat-ness of the gravy)! The masala chai (some kinda tea) and the coffee are also recommended. They are served in really tiny cups but are worth of it ‘cos of their rich taste. The prices are also reasonable (last time me and Mum went for dinner, it cost us around RM30++) and the atmosphere there is quite comfy (acceptable dim lighting and their cutlery sets are nice to look at!). For me, I’d give it a rating of 4/5.

Anyway, I might not get that much books from the book fair, but it’s the experience that counts, right? =)

that's the massive ship! and look at the interior of the ship (below), ain't it looked hot and stuffy?!

the super-long and super-crunchy thosai 'tissue'!

look at the tiny dishes! aren't they cute? =)


Diana Rikasari said... guys have that in sabah?? that's so cool...i mean, the idea and the concept...too bad they don't have proper air conditioners inside it hehehhe....tinaaa...looks like you're really having such fun times....;)

V oN toP said...

hihi just enjoying the moment..wait till i get a JOB!then things will be different!