Saturday, November 10, 2007

a penny for an orchid, a nickel for a rose!

Giving flowers for your loved ones has always been a favorite among all. I think flowers are like food for the soul. Just look at the reactions given by those that you know who received flowers in the past...some will squeal in delight, some will smile non-stop, some will burst into tears of happiness, some will scream as if they've never scream in their entire lives, some will just go speechless and their mouths form a big 'O'. I know that feeling. There was once when I was given flowers by my aunt during my graduation. Even though the ceremony had ended and did not get the flowers 'till dinnertime, I was gobsmacked. 'Pink roses!!! For me???!!!' And it's just not a couple of roses..but in thirties of my ultimate favorite flower. At that time, I felt happy, dizzy, giggly, and just can't get that grin outta my face. And flowers aren't just for girls, it's okay for guys to receive flowers too. There was one time when I (secretly!) sent flowers to my Gatal at his workplace. Needless to say, he was embarrassed (apparently the whole org. talked about it and that he was the first male to ever receive flowers there!) but I know he's pleased at the same time hehe!
Anyway! I've always wanted to learn on how to make your own flower bouquet 'cos let's not deny it prepared by florists are really hitting the roof! So when mum told me about a flower-arranging course (FOC!) sponsored by JPSM (Jabatan Pembangunan Sumber Manusia), I immediately wasted no time in registering. It's a five-day course (but ended in four days' time!) which started from 9am-5pm. Macam panjang tu masa kan..but we had so much fun that time passed by really quickly and we didn't want to leave 'cos we were not done with our flowers! Our teacher was this really sweet and patient florist called Florence and she owns Justflo-rist. Those who stay in Penampang, her shop is located at Donggongon near the BP petrol station, same row with Snow Studio. She taught us lotsa things like making flower arrangements for decor at home, office, hotel lobbies or just about anywhere, flower bouquets, corsages, bridal bouquets (I especially like the 'falling' type. In Malay they call it the 'juntai' style), flower girls' baskets, flowers for the cake, and even funeral wreaths. Surprisingly the methods are quite simple but it needs lots of practice to make the flowers look in perfect order and not to use too much materials or else you'll exceed your budget! From the course also I get to know new friends and we really had some good time together =)
One tip for you guys out there. To make fresh flowers lasting, change the water everyday and you can add just a tinny bit of Chlorox to prevent insects in laying their eggs there. Also cut (in a slanting way, or 'serong') the ends of the flower stalk to ensure the flower is able to absorb the water. And don't throw away dried flowers, you can make them into potpourri! There you go...if you're hungry for more, just join a flower-arranging course! =)
this is our messy 'creative' workroom! At AKMA, Penampang

a bridal bouquet made by the teacher...nice rite?

the 'basket' is actually used for agricultural it can be used for flower arrangement!

here's my collection of handmade flowers! flowers for decoration, bridal bouquets and flower girls' baskets!


Diana Rikasari said...

tinaaaa...make sure you make me one when i come to sabah!!!

V oN toP said...

ok bos!!my mum's b-day is coming,i'm thinking of making a flower bouquet for her!

Diana Rikasari said...

oh that would be lovely...:)