Wednesday, November 21, 2007

slow and steady, baby!!

our first photo 2 years ago hehehe...that's in my car!! and he was drving when i took the pic!! driver gila ;)

our most recent photo at my cousin joyce's wedding. that's us doing the slooow dancing :)

"happy anniversary to us

happy anniversary to us

happy 2nd anniversary to nakal and gatal

happy anniversary to us!" does it feel after being together with this bloke for 24 months? ( i don't know for you guys, but i think the word '2 years' sounds much more 'longer' than 24 months..don't u agree?) usually if u ask any typical couple how can they manage to be together for that long, they'll say, 'oh, it's all about give and take, and being co-operative etc'. as for me, i'm going to share with u on what I personally have learnt from him all this while. ;)

the first lesson for me is...ahem (drum roll please)..i have learnt to drink! ya, as in minum minuman yang memabukkan minda anda hahaha! this is due to the times I have spent with his cousins who drinks during bbq's, who drinks during b-days, drinks during x'mas, new year, or they can just sit down, have a nice chat (do guys gossip?), and then take out the bottles. u name it, i have try it all, and all the weird combinations which actually taste nice! it's a good thing to learn to drink 'cos you know what's your limit and you can maintain up to that level so you can control not to go 'overload'!
apart from drinking (and no, i didn't learn to smoke!), i have learnt how to be frugal too! and that's so important 'cos i know us girls will always, always overspend and find budgeting a really hard task to manage! i used to be an eat-out person who loves eating outdoors almost everyday of the week, but since he always eats at home after work and only goes out to dine occasionally, i pun terikut-ikut la ( we eat out like only once or twice a month) and now i'm eagerly cooking lunch and dinner meals at home and lovin' it! 'cos (1) u save (by enormous amounts!) on your food expenses, and (2) home-cooked are much more delicious and hygienic (u'll never know how the dishes were cooked in the shops!). but as they say, old habits never fade...i'm still addicted to clothes though! but i will only buy them if (1) i really need it, and (2) it has a discount!
lastly, i have re-learnt something which i have underestimated over the years: positive attitude. no matter what happnes, he always faces the situation with ease. Even if he has a really hard of work and got endless complaints from his clients or being scolded by his boss, i have never seen him with a sour face or letting out his anger on anybody. Instead, he just tells me about his unlucky day and asks me about how my day is. To me, that is really one very admirable trait. Huh...kalau saya, even the tinniest thing also I will whine and show my perfectly-trained muka masam. everytime whenever i'm in a dour mood and feel like venting out my anger to anybody i see out there, he'll always give me 2 advice, which is not to be too stressed and always pray to God and hope for the best that everything will be ok. Until now, whenever i'm in a bad spot, i'll think back about what he says.
see?not all relationships are just about love, love, love only hehe! even the worst relationship also, you can learn a thing or two from it. And that makes u stronger, more experienced, and look at the world from a totally different perspective.
relationships rock!!

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Diana Rikasari said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! yeehaaa...nakal dan gata 2 years nyahahahaha....

what i got from my relationship with Sharjeel:
-i finally appreciated R&B music. before i hated it so much as i'm more into a punk and rock person hehehehh.
-i'm much more feminine now heheh.
-i learned how to deal with people's (read: SHARJEEL's)anger and emotions hehehe...the key is to just let them yell, scream, hit or say whatever they want when they're angry, then when they've cooled down, we give them our thoughts and advice.

well, that's just some hehehe...