Monday, August 15, 2011

No pre-birthday jitters here :)

It's not my birthday (yet!) but I've already received a few early gifts :D Mango fresh cream and yam cake by my colleagues and a pair of sexaay fishnet socks from my best buddies,Toy and Sharon. Oh, and Toy's bro bought me a slice of delicious dark chocolate cake at Party Play! (Don't look at the size of that cake...I can't even finish the whole slice! It is that rich haha) If you guys haven't check Party Play out, then you should. At first, I thought it was just one of those stylishly decorated cafes with ridiculously sky-high prices on dishes which you can easily make at home. And it actually is on the more expensive side, but my friend recommended that I just go for the appetizers and dessert, skip the main meals. My friend and her friends have practically tried almost everything on the menu and had made the ultimate decision. I was scanning through the menu while she was saying this and saw that the appetizers and dessert look really good. i mean, who can resist creme brulee, chocolate fondant with melted choc in the inside, sticky pudding, baked alaska?! YUM!! Party Play is located at Lintas, and you can just visit their FB page "Party Play" :)

Hari Raya fever is taking over and now everyone is obsessed in searching for the right baju kurung/kebaya to wear during the festive season. I'm like ,"Whatever, I can still wear my old kebayas. Even if the sarung is a bit tighter on my hips now!" But not for Mum. She simply must have a new outfit every year (the shinier,the better). So I took Mum for her Hari Raya shopping at Karamunsing Complex yesterday. And guess what? She ended up buying a blouse instead haha! But hey, at least I've found my birthday dress which costs only RM30! Mini dress with lacey sleeves (See?I just can't get enough of old-fashioned lace heehee) And I bought a top too that looks RM50 but is only RM25. Awesome bargain :p You know, sometimes you don't need to go to Topshop or Mango to find a nice outfit. You might be surprised on what you can find in stores which your Mum usually goes to ;) But I must say this, go for designer/high-end shoes.The fit is better and the heels last longer *winks* I still have my GUESS silver pointed heels which I bought 4-5 years ago. I have dance,run (and I mean, really run), and jump in it...and the heels are still intact, which happens to be 12cm high! So yeah, basically don't skimp on your shoes *grins*

Yummy cakes from Uncle Biscuit Bakery :)

Apple juice served in mini 'fish tank' at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe...cute!!

The sinfully bittersweet chocolate tart cake with baby macaroons which I can't finish!!

The nurse-themed fishnet stockings my nurse outfit is complete!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Couple conversation of the Day!

Scene 1: On the way to a wedding dinner...

Him: We go home early k...before 9pm.
Me: Ok...why?
Him: Sakit perut (stomachache)

Scene 2: At the wedding dinner...(Me chatting with a friend)

Me: So what time you guys going back later?
Friend: Before 9pm.
Me: Same here! Going somewhere?
Friend: Nothing much, the boys just wanna watch football on TV.
Me: I see, that explains it.

I'm not going to bite your head off for wanting to watch football, you know. Boys! Tsk! Tsk! :p


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August baby

Yup, it was confirmed that I had Hepatitis A :( I was on leave for a week and stopped going to dancing classes and attending functions for the meantime. I avoided having my pictures taken as I knew that I would look horribly strange with my yellow eyes and yellowish skin. But now I've gained a bit energy, back to office, and looking forward to being my own self again :)

Anyway! It's the month of August and I'm looking forward to end of the month as I'll be turning 28th :D I've arranged a b-day dinner buffet and hope that I'll get lotsa goodies and especially ang pows haha! I'm starting on my search for the perfect b-day dress (am looking for a maxi dress or another as it's the month of fasting. So its not really nice to wear that party dress that's like...way too sexy!And I want it to be NOT black. I think colors are the in thing nowadays) I just bought one yesterday at a botuique, 30% off. A really nice classic LBD (except that its purple with a bit of lace.I've always thought that lace is really sexy *winks*). But I was thinking to wear it during my friend's wedding this coming November whereby the theme color is purple. So, yeah..good luck to me in finding my b-day dress or else everyone will say 'oh dear, her dress is recycled!'