Thursday, October 18, 2007

youNgsteRs witH a cAusE

Don’t you ever wish you had more friends (not that you don’t have any!)? Or perhaps get involve in activities like leadership seminars, outings, and even learn about basic social etiquette but never get the chance? Maybe you’ve always wanted to help those around you but don’t know who to approach to provide your assistance more effectively. Or else you just want to know what exactly are the issues that have been going on in the neighbourhood that you are living in. You keep on hearing people complaining about this and that, and because you lack the knowledge of the source for the issues, you don’t know whether to agree with these people or defend the authorities. Because of these reasons, the Komulakan is created.

Simple but effective banner hehe

V and Dipin the Bos

One big happy family =)

Did I get your attention? Hehe…basically the Movement (in Bahasa Malaysia it’s known as Pergerakan Komulakan) is kinda like a youth group/club (opened to anyone between 18-28 years old) and is specially catered for the KDMs (Kadazandusun Murut) but other races are accepted to join in as well. It was formed in 2005 but is only officially launched this year. Recently, on 12th October (just last week!), was the official launching of the Komulakan in the Moyog area. There were 110 new members and I see it as a good sign. According to the Chief (something like big boss! He’s very young [my age!] but is super talented and very driven and focused to achieve what he wants. To you I bow!), there are altogether around 6,000 members in the whole of Sabah! Wow, that’s a big number, hope I got the figure right! Anyway, I don’t know much about this movement as I only joined few months ago. Actually, Mum got me to join and she was really persistent about it, so I just went along with it. In these few months, I began to see the benefits of being in this club. One vital advantage is that being a member of this movement definitely makes your resume looks more promising. Why? Well, in these few months I was given the chance to speak (more like giving a debatable speech) in front of hundreds of people (or did it reach a thousand?). Of course I had my paper to read from, but most importantly is how I present my speech to the audience. From here I can tell the interviewer that I have good presentation skills. Secondly, I am selected to be in the committee, and from here I am able to sharpen up my skills on how to conduct an actual meeting and how to handle the other committee members. From here I can tell the (already impressed) interviewer that I have excellent communication and handling people skills. Thirdly, in these few months also I had the chance to go on a few trips like going camping in the natural habitat where we had conducted some seminars (the informal way) as well. And from here, I get to know loads of new friends and do some networking for future purposes. As for current issues, we haven’t focus on any yet, but I think the ongoing one would be the unemployment problem among the youth. I could use some advice myself, since I’m temporarily ‘on a leave’ heehee! But seriously, I want a job which I’m able to relate myself to. Like ‘V doing accounts?’ No way! Or perhaps being stuck in admin typing letters and do photocopying work everyday…not my cup of tea.

Anyway, not to bore you with all this! Just wanted to spread the word. If you’re interested, just let me know! I know you’ve always wanted to be someone with a cause ;)


Diana Rikasari said...

yeehaaaa way to goooo tina tuna bananaaaaaaa!!! btw, i cannot join due to the distance we have hehehe...but i support you 100% huehhehehe

V oN toP said...

yeeahhh!!! if u come here we'll make u an honorary member =)

ewon b said...

Congrats, Tina... i didn't know u creted ur blog until i surf it through google.. nway, you made it! lets blog...

I was made to understand that u r on "temporary leave".. my advice - when u go to clinics or hospital, remember that the doctor is the most trusted after God..

do get well.. the EXCO and members miss u...