Monday, March 17, 2008

decisions are hard to make

It’s been a while since I’ve done any blogging. Of course, there was the campaigning for the past elections and the tedious process of going job-hunting. It wasn’t easy going for late night campaigns and having to go for job interviews early next morning. It was hard managing my time getting prepared for each interview (4 straight interviews in a 2 week period) and going out to the kampungs and helping out with the list of voters to make sure all’s registered properly. I was dead knackered for that particular 2 weeks. And the fact that it was raining cats and dogs pretty much everyday made it even worse and did not do any good for everyone’s health. On the day of election itself, we had to stay on at the place of voting to make sure that all voters know which stream to go to, from 10am to 5pm. Imagine yourself standing for 7 hours and beside that, you need to greet each voter arriving at the gates under the unpredictable weather of hot sun and sudden rainpour!

Anyway, the elections’ over and now I’m focusing on applying for more jobs. I’m a bit worried actually, I’ve always wanted to have a career in the retail industry but it would mean sacrificing my bellydancing lessons, which are pretty crucial to me as I’m in this freelance dance group. So going for training is really important. After 2 failed attempts of finding the right dance instructor (My group and I felt that we were going nowhere in the previous dance studios), we finally found this instructor who teaches the actual, original bellydance and she’s really strict (discipline is what we need!). Attire is strictly sexy (sports bra tops and low-waist pants), big, chandelier earrings is a must, and attendance must be consistent. Ms. S told me that my basics are fine, but my posture and techniques are too ‘fitness-like’. As in too aggressive and lots of attitude. If you had seen our performance, then you would know hehe. It was like going back into ballet school back when I was in primary. We had to learn the correct postures like the positions of arms, legs, and even how to stand properly. I like that Ms. S observes our every move, made adjustments, and made us do the same moves over and over again. Unlike the other studios, the instructors just danced at the front and asked us to follow suit. That’s it.

Having found the perfect dance studio, then there’s the work problem again. I’ve been to 2 interviews relating to retail, and I’ve been told that I should be prepared for long hours and the off days are not fixed. That’s such a letdown ‘cos I’m not able to attend the dance classes consistently. Ms. S told me that she wouldn’t tolerate people who are not consistent in going for classes ‘cos that shows the person is not serious in learning the dance itself. Sigh! On the other hand, I had one interview with a company specializing in properties and development. I’m not so keen in properties, but the director of sales who interviewed me was a very nice, soft-spoken lady and she said that to be in the properties sector enables me to meet people from all walks of life from top businesspeople to the average farmer. That sounds cool, being able to meet people of such diversity. Unlike retail, you’ll be meeting people mostly in your own target market. But still, I love retail! I haven’t get any calls from this properties company for a possible 2nd interview, but I’ll still be waiting and hope for the best.

oh ya!we have a dance performance to prepare end of this month! I'm so excited 'cos we're going to do 2 totally new routines =) i bet u a hundred bucks the songs will get u into the jiggy mode! give u a hint...the chorus goes like this, 'whine it up, whine it up, whine it up...oh yeah!'

go Sheilas!!!