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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Masih Kaamatan Fever?

Hey guys! Didn’t get to blog for quite some time cos bz betul with kaamatan and office work after kaamatan (haiii!). Just got back from thanksgiving party for Stacy, our very own champion for AF6. Lupa nak bawa camera, so got one of the aunties’ camera to get a snapshot of me and the girl with her famous phrase “Alamak…terlebih sudah!” She’s still the sweet, down-to-earth girl (pakai baju kadazan lagi with tangkong and himpogot full set. Go gurl!) I know since she was a little kid. I wish her all the best in her career and that she stays true to her roots.

I took quite some pics during the May Kaamatan celebration. But I’m a bit tired now (non-stop going out! Mansau saja sia ni. Cam mana mau jadi isteri yang perfect kan), so I’ll just post up some. This was taken in Kg. Kiau, and its location is in Kota Belud, just before Ranau. Kg. Kiau is the hometown of our Komulakan Chief, Ewon. The road there was in good condition (better than gravel!), but there were some sharp turns where it felt like we’re on a rollercoaster ride! The weather there was very cooling, like in Genting Highlands, and the girls had such fair skin it made me (with decidedly tanned skin+zits) green with envy! The setting for the event was fairly simple, but everyone genuinely had fun, and I was there in the 1st place was because I was asked to be one of the judges for the beauty contest hehe. There were only around 8 contestants, so it was pretty easy to choose the winner! Ewon the chief had too much to drink (I think he hasn’t master the skill of drinking yet!) and he said a lot of funny things to me and kept on asking me to sing on stage. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any lyrics book and I can’t remember a phrase or two of any songs that I know. But the chief was adamant and was like ‘I offer u ok…RM200…no? Right RM1000 it is!’ Crazy…how to sing when I don’t know the lyrics?! So yeah…we had fun and left the place around 7pm. By that time the crowd were either dancing, singing, drinking, or trying to find their way home in the dark hehe. The journey back took about 2 hours plus. My driver for the day (Mac, another fellow Komulakan) was so knackered that after sending me back he got some sleep in his land cruiser first before heading back to home sweet home. Kesian hehe. Well…that’s the way of celebration :)

Anyway, will post more pics soon. I gotta hit the hays now…long journey to Keningau tomorrow. My family and I will be going to my aunt's funeral. For those who read 2day's daily express newspaper, you'll see an obituary for the late jane suleiman. She died of breast cancer at the age of 41. She left behind a loving husband and 4 children. It's sad and scary at the same time, 'cos breast cancer can just strike anyone at any age at anytime, just like that. I pray for the family so that they will be able to get through this painful process with utmost patience and courage.

Gosh, from now on I'm really gonna take gud care of my 2's and do the monthly breast examination regularly. If any of you girls don't know the correct procedure, better check with yr doc and ask her to do a demo. No time to be shy2 now!

the lovely (and fair) girls and boys doing the traditional Kadazan dance, the Sumazau.

the 1st unduk ngadau (beauty queen) for kg. kiau 2008. Muda lagi ni...baru 16-17 yrs old!

these girls are still young but they are very confident and have the attitude. Wish them a bright and prosperous future ahead ;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

V the little hostess

Once again, another Komulakan e-club gathering was a success! This time, it was held in pusakag (karaoke café) in donggongon and as the organizer, I was a bit worried that no one will show up. But the crowd turned out good (eventhough they were a tad bit late. Biasa la tu kan…sabah timing)! Thanks to Melissa, Shirley, ivy, michelle, ewon, willie, Gideon, Daniel, lis, ann, merilyn, chadley, and osmund. Anyway, I played hostess that nite, trying my best mc-ing and making sure that everyone’s not bored and having a good time. I did some ‘interviewing’ and guess what answer my cousin Chadley gave when I asked him what his specialty dish is (he can cook!). ‘Air’, he said, as in water. Du-uh! He’s forever the prankster and he’ll get u laughing until yr stomach hurts if you would’ve known him. It was my favorite part actually, giving people a good time! Shirley was the b-day girl of the month, and we bought her the most gorgeous blueberry cake and brought her dancing on stage whenever lagu rancak dimainkan. A sporting one, this girl. Apa pun ok haha! And congrats to Gideon and ann for their upcoming engagement next month. I was the one urging them to let out the secret, and Gideon was like, ‘ok guys, don’t forget to come to my granny’s b-day ya…’ Aduhai…but that’s good ‘cos we had a few good laughs.

Surprise, surprise. Mum and her friends decided to stop by and her friend’s daughter, Marina, came along too. 6 years back Marina and I were in this dance group doing traditional and ballroom dance performances. Miss those times :)

Anyway, we spent the whole night singing karaoke (sumbang or not we just sing!), dancing, makan2, and of course, drinking. Maybe I was the hostess or whatever, dunno why I kena suruh minum saja. jD mix vodka mix tiger…I can feel my head spinning in no time. But of course, being the hostess, I can’t let myself sprawling on the floor. So I determinedly let my chin up, and made sure my legs are crossed at all times hehehe. Also, as a hostess, you can’t leave until everyone does. So I only managed to go home around 2 plus in the morning and had barely 4 hours of sleep. Next day I headed off to work, still trapped in the pissed mode. I staggered up the stairs to the office and walked in with a blur look on my face. Suddenly I spotted this guy, his back facing towards me in my boss’ office. Hmm…this should be the new graphic designer starting his first day in the co. Without a moment hesitation, I literally marched to boss’ room and greeted my boss and PA (they just came back from Shanghai with new haircuts) before introducing myself to the guy.

ME: Hi! Are you the new guy? (Eyes trying to focus on him despite the dizziness of my mabukness. I offered my hand for a handshake)

GUY: Hi! Yes. (Looking a bit terkejut before shaking my hand. I think no one intro themselves to him yet that morning.)

ME: Nice to meet you, I’m Tina. And yr name is? (Grinning stupidly)

GUY: You can call me Ah Fan. (smiling…with amusement maybe?)

ME: Ok! Ah Fan… (I looked at my boss who was watching me with this look on her face. Did she guess? Nah, don’t think so).

Come to think about it, it was pretty funny. I mean, if a stranger suddenly introduced himself too enthusiastically to me, I would think ada udang di sebalik batu. But Ah Fan was cool about it. Turns out we went to the same high school (my very very senior cos he has graduated when I just started my first year). But he seriously doesn’t look his age. Clad in casual tee and jeans with studs (the big round ones) on his ears, he looked like a college kid. When he said he was in his early 30s, I was like ‘Whoa!’ Betul ka ni?! But ok bat u…look young is good hehe.

Anyway, welcome to the world of aesthetics skin care Ah Fan, and we are eagerly awaiting for your creative concepts and designs

It's V the little hostess!

komulakans can't wait to get their hands on the yummy food!

The b-day girl of the sweet li'l Shirley :)

congrats to Gideon and Ann for their upcoming engagement :) aramai tii!

group photo of le komulakans..pre-mabuk mode hehehe~

Sunday, May 4, 2008

board games + karaoke + dance = ultimate fun

First of all, I’d like to thank my friends Melissa, ewon, osmund, tungab and Nicholson for making the effort to attend our komulakan e-club 1st gathering. To be frank, I’m a bit disappointed that the others couldn’t make it as I’d really like my friends of one side to get to know my other friends whom they’ve never met. They may not be aware of each other’s existence, but they play an important role in my life. I know those who didn’t attend had more important priorities (harvest festival fever is here!), so hopefully u guys can make it to the 2nd gathering :)

For our 1st gathering, I brought all members to have a fun session of playing board games at City Mall. Majority of us were first-timers (except Melissa), so we constantly had to get the owner’s (Chong Sean) attention to teach us the rules! Hehe poor owner, hope we didn’t kacau him too much. For those who’ve never been to CarcaSean Café, no worries ‘cos you don’t have to pay for the games, just for the drinks. I tried the Oreo milkshake recommended by Melissa and it was good, not too rich like some milkshakes (and u end up thirstier after that!). Oh, and I met a high school friend at the café too! I recognized her instantly, but she didn’t hehe. When I told her that I was the ‘little girl who always kena forced to take part in the track event during sports days every year’, she found it hard to believe me. “you’re so different now! More gorgeous!” says she. Huh…I know I looked like a nerd during my high school days (I was a prim and proper school girl always with her white blouse tucked in her proper below-the-knee blue skirt. And I had bangs! Patut la kan hihihi)

After 2 games, the boys practically dragged us girls to go for karaoke session at their favorite haunting joint, the pusakag (behind public bank at donggongon). Apparently, one of the boys’ dad has some shares there, so tau2 la tu. It’s my 2nd time going there (during my 1st visit, it was my first time ever singing karaoke in public! I sang too many songs from kadazan tunes, avril lavigne, Mariah carey & luther vandross endless love duet (gawd I love this song…this is going to be my lagu wajib during my wedding day hehe) to sheila on 7!) I had a bit to drink and when Melissa & I were ‘requested’ to sing ‘something stupid’ on stage, I was swaying here and there and I wasn’t sure how I sang the song! The guys got it all recorded in their hp’s and for sure I know it’s not an impressive performance! After singing, we got on the dance floor and did the sumazau, poco2, cha2, hip-hop, slow dancing, and whatever ‘moves’ that we can do…and all of this got recorded also!

We had too much of a good time that we got home like 4 in the morning! I was too scared to drive back alone so I got the guys to ‘escort’ my car until my home sweet home!! Anyway, all of us had a real blast, so let’s make our next gathering even more happening :)

this is a pretty simple game :)

melissa and ewon preparing their strategies!

that's no ordinary cards game...its a game of outlwas and sheriffs!

group photo of le komulakans

come and sing with us at the pusakag!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

kNow yoUr huMan riGhts!!

If I ask you a simple question, ‘What is human rights to you?’ The most likely answer you will give me is, ‘the right to freedom, the right to speak out your mind, the right to choose your own religion etc’. For me, I’d like to add in some more such as the right to live your life, the right to make your own decision, the right to choose your husband, the right to choose your friends, the right to wear whatever you feel like, and the right to eat whatever you want hehe. But seriously, I think most of us (even the adults!) have a very vague idea on what our human rights are. And I have the Era Consumer to thank for organizing a human rights seminar for us clueless people. Not to bore you with all the details throughout the seminar, I’d just like to share with you guys some of the interesting bits which could be important for your knowledge. For example, if you get arrested (palis-palis…), what are your basic rights? Ha! We must know about that, don’t we?

To start off with, let’s look into what other human rights are there in Malaysia besides the main three I’ve listed above. According to the Federal Constitution, there are the right to personal liberty (this is when you get arrested), abolition of slavery, right to equal protection under the law, rights in respect of education, protection against racial discrimination, right to property (big issue here), right to citizenship and to vote (another big issue!). The speaker, who talked about the Federal Constitution, remarked that our view on what the Government is like is not what we think it would be. We think that the government is all about rankings such as the PM, deputy PM, and the other ministers right? Wrong. Look at it in this way. There is the Constitution (Perlembagaan) on top, which is divided into the Courts and the Monarchy. Under the Monarchy, we have the Parliament and below it is the Executive. So who decides the laws? Normal laws are made by the Parliament, but the Courts can decide on whether to enforce or abolish the laws. Sadly, this is not the case in Malaysia. According to the speaker, the Courts are described as ‘conservative and are still British-colonized’. They feel that the Parliament is powerful and are in favour of the Parliament’s decisions. Another way to put it, the Courts ‘tutup mata sahaja’ (just close their eyes). Another very interesting (and über sensitive) issue to look at is the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion exists in all democratic countries, but here in Malaysia there’s a bit of twist into it. Whatever religion that you are in, you can always convert into another depending on your beliefs, right? I mean, it’s a matter of you and God, and not anyone else’s business. But it’s not in the case of Islam. Once you’re an Islam, you can never convert into other religions. Why? As commented by the speaker, according to his sources, in the Muslim world, being an Islam means that you have made a pact with God in the ‘heavenly courts’. Obviously, there’s no court more supreme than the heavenly courts. So if the person wants to get out of the religion, it’s like an act of offense against God. Another simple way to see it is that you will be in God’s ‘black list’. Actually, freedom of religion is a human right and not one of those laws made by people. Like what the speaker said, human rights do not require laws, they are inherited. Hmm…so what do you guys think about that?

Anyway! Let’s get onto the next best part. OK, how will you react if you get arrested? Let’s see…panicked, scared, freeze to the ground, faint…anymore? I think I’ll faint hehe. Right, the first main thing is to ask WHY you have been arrested (mana tau salah orang or maybe the police guy just want to have some fun teasing you!). If the police gives a perfectly logical explanation, then you have no choice (sob!) but to follow him to the (nearest) balai. However, potential witnesses are NOT ALLOWED to be arrested. So if he/she wants to drag you along, tell him/her (in a nice way) to properly re-check the police arrest manual. And what happens when the arrested gets locked up in jail? Some important things to note: you can only be detained for 24 hours (check your watch!), and you have the right to make calls (your lawyer, family, or friends). The police can’t force you to make calls if you don’t want to. But there’s one niggling thing, though. The speaker said that if you (a husband) have been caught in entertainment outlets with a group of giggly, well-endowed girls, don’t call your wife, but a friend instead. Why ah? I also tak faham la. Also, when you are discussing with your lawyer in jail, the police are not allowed to listen to your conversation but can watch from afar.

Another interesting bit to chat on is the types of body search techniques. Did you know that some of the techniques can only be performed by police with certain rankings? Ok, the most basic body search is the pat down search which can be performed by all police officers. A similar example would be when you are being ‘searched’ in the airport whereby when you pass the metal detector, a ‘ping’ sound emerges. Another type would be the strip search whereby you may be required to, basically, ‘strip’ (but not remove all your clothes at the same time la, and it’s conducted in a private room)! But only police officers with rankings of Inspector and above can only conduct this type of body search. The third one, which you guys may be familiar based on a newspaper article, is the intimate search. Remember when the girl was forced to do squats naked? That’s an example of an intimate search. The squatting process is to determine whether illegal weapons or any evidence are being hidden in the ‘intimate’ areas. But one mistake on the scenario is that the girl is naked. According to the procedures, the arrested person does not necessary have to remove all of his/her clothing. And this type of search can only be conducted by the Assistant Superintendent of Police and above. Lastly, would be the intrusive search whereby evidence or any weapon have to be removed from inside the body. One example would be whereby the arrested person is given laxatives in order to ‘give out’ evidences such as drugs stuffed in condoms. This can only be conducted by a Medical Officer with the approval of an Officer in charge of the Police District. Well! That’s quite a whole lot, isn’t it? An advice for avid clubbers out there, if the club you’re in has been raided by the police, they have the right to conduct body search on you without you being arrested. The Inspector must be there in order to authorize the body search. However, DO NOT let the police to put their hands in your pockets or bags. Instead, volunteer to empty them and let them have a view of your belongings. After emptying your bags, turn them inside out in order to show there’s nothing inside. You cannot be forced to strip naked and they should body search you with gracious decency.

So, I bet you guys had quite a lot to learn today about some of your basic rights, isn’t it? It is better to know rather than not to know at all. Those who had gained some knowledge from this article hopefully can passed ‘em down to their family and friends. Let there be a more educated community! =)

nice signboard hehe

a view of the participants...that's my sweet lydia smiling!

group pic of le komluakans...that's the 'Chief' sitting down!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Budget = Boring?!

Ever wondered why people complain about the lack of commitment of the authorities in improving the development of the road system in rural areas? Or perhaps why there is still a large amount of unemployed youth in the society? And of course, the most talked about issue would be the ongoing serious problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah which had been going on for decades and sadly remained unsolved. Well, part of it comes from how the budget for each sector was being used. Using common sense la, you want to solve a problem, you have to have the money. In this case, the budget could either be misused, or not enough of the budget is being given.
When I was told by the ‘Chief’ himself, Mr. Ewon the talented speaker, about attending a “Perbincangan Round Table Belanjawan Negara 2008”, I’m like, ‘Okayy…so it’s about a bunch of figures being presented on Power Point??”. Thing is, I’m not a fan of numbers. Back in high school, I’ve never passed on any math subject (I managed to score during the finals though, thankfully!) and whoever asked for my help in book-keeping or accounting, I tell them to just get outta my face! Mum was invited too, but since she was reluctant to go, she insisted that I go ahead and attend it.

le komulakans in their most well-behaved poses hehe
On the early morning of 18th October, I drove to the venue, which was the Penampang Library, prepared with expectations that it’s going to be another boring talk of figures, figures, and figures. But surprisingly, I was wrong. Each of us was given a list of speakers representing their own area and the topic they were going to discuss on. There were altogether 26 speakers (each present their speech for a duration of 10 minutes), but only 17 turned up. Still confused, I asked one of the Komulakan members on what are the speakers generally going to present on. He told me they would talk about on whether they are satisfied with the budget being given for the particular sector and what are the improvements can be made to develop the sector even more. From there was when I generally had a basic understanding on what it is all about. Another niggling thing I noticed about the list of speakers was that out of the 17 speakers, only 2 were ladies! Looks like we still have a lot to do in order to prove that we can be at par as the men, ya?

the speakers viewing out their opinions!

Anyway, some of the common problems being discussed are the lack of computer & technology knowledge among the kids and adults, lack of water & electricity in most rural areas, illegal logging activities, underdeveloped transportation system, lack of teachers in rural areas and their ability of being fluent in English, and the problem of domestic violence against women and the increasing migration of women to West Malaysia for better job opportunities. One issue that caught my attention is the yet to be developed arts & film industry in Sabah. When’s the last time I’ve ever watch an original Sabahan film? Never. Why? ‘Cos they never properly advertised them in public. I know some of you will say, ‘Haiya, Sabahan actors where got handsome and pretty one!’ Or ‘Some more, I don’t even understand Kadazandusun. So why should I watch it?’ But the speaker of this topic gave a very good point whereby if Malaysians are willing to watch Japanese, Korean, Hindi, or French movies in which they are completely not fluent in, why won’t they give Kadazandusun films a chance? But in my opinion, expertise, creativity of the script, and promotion of the film is vital to success. So, for all aspiring local actors and directors out there, you must take action first before whining all day that you are not able to outperform Western and even the Malay films. It’s a loooong way, but miracles do happen =)
Another ‘hot’ topic discussed was the corruption situation in Sabah. The speaker for this topic may looked like a fudey-dudey old man, but when he speaks, Whoa! , everybody listened to him with rapt attention. It’s because he spoke with such enthusiasm (not in a positive way of course) and threw in some jokes here and there to lighten up the grim atmosphere. He remarked that the three most corrupted agencies are… (drum roll, please) (1) the Police, (2) the Army, and (3) the Majlis Daerah ( Council). He said that because of corruption, illegal logging activities are still going on, the PTIs (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) or just simply known as the illegal immigrants from Indonesia and the Phillipines, are still seen walking around the streets and their houses are shamelessly build in the public eye. Also, because of corruption, drugs like Syabu can be smuggled into the state through the ‘insiders’ and that top senior positions in the government are still held by West Malaysians in Sabah, and also that the distribution of scholarships among high-achievers in Sabah are very, very limited.

group photo with YB Donald Mojuntin!

But of all this, I think the main problem which has reached a critical (almost in a coma!) state in Sabah is the PTIs issue. I think everyone will agree to that. Maybe some of you may not realize that the amount of PTIs has actually outnumbered our Sabahan population, which happened in just a mere of 30 years, imagine that! Why are they so eager to come to our state, I don’t know. They have acknowledged themselves as true Sabahans by producing their so-called ‘ICs’, saying that they were born here, and that they are eligible to be voters during elections. There was one PTI who claimed that he was born in Ranau and had been living in Sabah ever since. But when he was interrogated, found out that he could not speak a word of Dusun (ha!). So you guys out there, be careful that your IC’s are not being ‘cloned’ by them. An example would be two different ICs but with the same passport picture and thumb prints. Imagine your identity being taken by someone else…such a big violation against human rights, isn’t it?

Anyway, I don’t want to say more on this, nanti kena kutuk pula for saying too much hehe. But I must say that I did not regret in attending this discussion event as I (the usually clueless one) can get a few insights on what is actually going on in the neighborhood surrounding us. So, next time before you complain on anything, look into the facts first, then you decide whether you can contribute something into it =)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

youNgsteRs witH a cAusE

Don’t you ever wish you had more friends (not that you don’t have any!)? Or perhaps get involve in activities like leadership seminars, outings, and even learn about basic social etiquette but never get the chance? Maybe you’ve always wanted to help those around you but don’t know who to approach to provide your assistance more effectively. Or else you just want to know what exactly are the issues that have been going on in the neighbourhood that you are living in. You keep on hearing people complaining about this and that, and because you lack the knowledge of the source for the issues, you don’t know whether to agree with these people or defend the authorities. Because of these reasons, the Komulakan is created.

Simple but effective banner hehe

V and Dipin the Bos

One big happy family =)

Did I get your attention? Hehe…basically the Movement (in Bahasa Malaysia it’s known as Pergerakan Komulakan) is kinda like a youth group/club (opened to anyone between 18-28 years old) and is specially catered for the KDMs (Kadazandusun Murut) but other races are accepted to join in as well. It was formed in 2005 but is only officially launched this year. Recently, on 12th October (just last week!), was the official launching of the Komulakan in the Moyog area. There were 110 new members and I see it as a good sign. According to the Chief (something like big boss! He’s very young [my age!] but is super talented and very driven and focused to achieve what he wants. To you I bow!), there are altogether around 6,000 members in the whole of Sabah! Wow, that’s a big number, hope I got the figure right! Anyway, I don’t know much about this movement as I only joined few months ago. Actually, Mum got me to join and she was really persistent about it, so I just went along with it. In these few months, I began to see the benefits of being in this club. One vital advantage is that being a member of this movement definitely makes your resume looks more promising. Why? Well, in these few months I was given the chance to speak (more like giving a debatable speech) in front of hundreds of people (or did it reach a thousand?). Of course I had my paper to read from, but most importantly is how I present my speech to the audience. From here I can tell the interviewer that I have good presentation skills. Secondly, I am selected to be in the committee, and from here I am able to sharpen up my skills on how to conduct an actual meeting and how to handle the other committee members. From here I can tell the (already impressed) interviewer that I have excellent communication and handling people skills. Thirdly, in these few months also I had the chance to go on a few trips like going camping in the natural habitat where we had conducted some seminars (the informal way) as well. And from here, I get to know loads of new friends and do some networking for future purposes. As for current issues, we haven’t focus on any yet, but I think the ongoing one would be the unemployment problem among the youth. I could use some advice myself, since I’m temporarily ‘on a leave’ heehee! But seriously, I want a job which I’m able to relate myself to. Like ‘V doing accounts?’ No way! Or perhaps being stuck in admin typing letters and do photocopying work everyday…not my cup of tea.

Anyway, not to bore you with all this! Just wanted to spread the word. If you’re interested, just let me know! I know you’ve always wanted to be someone with a cause ;)